Silver Service Level - Online

Full featured procedure manual and forms required to meet the Standard, customised with your company logo & personnel names, ready to load to the internet &/or your computers, ready to start work.
Site/Project based documentation (forms) may be completed by PC keyboard &/or touch screen (stylus pen suggested), a simple easy to use method for collecting site data without paper.
The information may be stored by a ‘cloud’ provider, giving instant access to site information flows from any location.


  • Fully compliant with AS4801, ISO9001, ISO14001, NSW WHS 5th Edition and Jurisdiction specific Management Systems, Site/Project Plans and Trades checklists.
  • Ready for external 3rd party JAS-ANZ Certification
  • Certification guaranteed by Contractor Systems.
  • Customised by Contractor Systems to your requirements and Company profile.
  • Full implementation support including staff training.
  • Complete individual job site plans online on a project basis.
  • Site plans divided into easy to understand sections (tabs).
  • Simple site compliance with touch screen checklists and sign-off. Use of keyboard &/or stylus pen.
  • Cloud based documents ready for off-site download & management review.
  • Documentation ready to be uploaded to your cloud service &/or your computers may be delivered by email. Internet services by Microsoft One Drive, Dropbox and Google Drive are supported.
  • Links to required 3rd party government and suppliers are embedded.
  • Designed specifically for small/medium construction/contracting based companies becoming compliant.
  • Not just incident reporting, non-compliance or bits & pieces, but a full Management System and Site-Specific Management Plan, online, to meet State & National Standards.
  • All documentation is under YOUR control, on your servers.
  • Based on the platforms you’re already using: Windows 10 & Microsoft Office 365 (Word & Excel).
  • No contracts or monthly fees, you own the system designed for your Company.
  • PLUS We conduct 3 full personal consultations with you & your applicable staff via VOIP (e.g. SKYPE).


  • Initial consultation determines the suitability of the Silver Level Service, the equipment required and staff capabilities. We also collect specific Company details for inclusion in the documents.
  • Once the documentation is complete & loaded onto your desired server, we conduct a full training session, via VOIP (e.g. SKYPE), for you & all your affected staff. At the end of this consultation you will be ready to implement the system. Our ongoing e-mail support and further internet meetings, over 12 months, ensures smooth implementation.
  • Once you have the system running for say, 3 months, we meet again via VOIP (e.g. SKYPE) to conduct/monitor your internal audits, management reports, & executive responses to issues presented by the system.
    Implementation support continues as you move towards certification/accreditation external audits.


Where required during the first 12 months, Contractor Systems will assist your OHS, QMS, Environmental Manager with the interpretation and documentation of required changes specified in writing by your external auditor. We will continue this support until you have achieved your accredited/certification of your system.