Gold Service Level - Hard Copy

Full featured procedure manual and forms required to meet the Standard, customised with your company logo & personnel names, ready to start work.

Typical Contents:

  • System procedure statements in MS Word document.
  • Project / Site Specific Procedure in MS Word template, to be used over & over as you go from job to job.
  • Required Resource Documents in MS Excel template format.
  • Organisation & procedure charts in MS Visio, Visio viewer directions included.

We print your documentation in loose leaf folder format featuring your company logo, your nominated systems representative and other information gathered in the RFI. The manual includes standard documentation including the applicable Standard or Government Guideline. Also included is all the above documentation on USB memory stick which also contains all selected Jurisdiction Laws, Regulations, a selection of jurisdiction Codes of Practice, SDS's, etc. making a comprehensive, easy to understand resource for use by all applicable personnel. The Gold system includes unlimited e-mail support for 12 months, ad-hoc phone support and VOIP (Skype) support by appointment.

PLUS We conduct 3 full personal consultations with you &/or your senior staff via VOIP (Skype).

  • Initial consultation determines the extent of your current systems against your required standard, using gap analysis. This System Definition provides for elements of your existing systems to be included in the new documentation, ensuring minimum disruption to your current way of working. If you are starting systems from scratch, we discuss how the standard can be fully achieved while minimising your inputs, to achieve maximum cost effectiveness of your inputs. Remember, the cheapest part of your system is the documentation cost, the most expensive is ongoing operational staff costs.
  • Once the documentation is complete & express mailed to your office we conduct a full training session, via VOIP (Skype), for you & all your affected staff. At the end of this consultation you will be ready to implement the system. Our on-going e-mail support over 12 months ensures smooth implementation.
  • Once you have the system running for say, 3 months, we meet again via VOIP (Skype) to conduct/monitor your internal audits, management reports, & executive responses to issues presented by the system.
    Implementation support continues as you move towards certification/accreditation external audits.


Where required during the first 12 months, Contractor Systems will assist your OHS, QMS, Environment Manager with the interpretation and documentation of required changes specified in writing by your external auditor. We will continue this support until you have achieved your accredited/certification of your system.