AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System - Design & Construct

A comprehensive Quality Management System that meets the requirements of the international Standard ISO 9001 for design & construct projects. Suitable for Certification to the Standard by independent auditors. Meets QMS requirements of Governments and Commercial Organisations, at all levels, where mandated in Pre-qualification &/or Tender documentation.

  • Quality Management System Policy & procedures.
  • Site /Project Specific Quality Management Plan template.
  • Comprehensive Document templates including Inspection & Test Plans.
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System Description

A Quality Management System, to assure specified inputs of construction work, including labour and design aspects, is typically required by Government Authorities, Commercial Organisations, Architects & Project Managers at Pre-qualification, Tender or Contract Award stage of a project. Depending on the size &/or potential quality management issues of a project, the Client will require a Quality Management System to AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008.

This Quality Management System is designed to comply with requirements of the International Standard ISO 9001:2008, for use by Head & Principal Contractors, aiming at continual improvement.

This Quality Management System is also designed to meet the requirements of Sub-contractors and trades/service companies where a Certified QMS is required to produce planned quality outcomes, improve efficiency (by reducing errors) &/or to enhance the Companies qualifications and competitive advantage.

Certification of this QMS can be arranged by a third party auditor authorised by the International Standards Organisation, after the system has been implemented by the Company and followed by successful Company run internal audits.

Table of Contents


  • Quality management system
  • General requirements
  • Documentation requirements

Management responsibility

  • Management commitment
  • Customer focus
  • Quality policy
  • Planning
  • Responsibility, authority and communication
  • Management review

Resource management

  • Provision of resources
  • Human resources
  • Infrastructure
  • Work environment

Product realization

  • Planning of product realization
  • Customer-related processes
  • Design & Development
  • Purchasing
  • Production and service provision
  • Control of monitoring and measuring devices

Measurement, analysis and improvement

  • General
  • Monitoring and measurement
  • Control of nonconforming product
  • Analysis of data
  • Improvement


  • Introduction
  • Document Registers
  • Supplies
  • Test Equipment
  • Non - Conformance
  • Project (Company) Inspection & Test Plans and Checklists
  • Client Inspection & Test Plans & Checklists
  • Client QMS Documentation
  • QMS Audits
  • Tendering Process


  • Managing Director
  • Quality Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Foreman
  • Leading Hand


  • Inspection & Test Plans
  • ITP Checklists
  • QMS Master List of Controlled Documents (Company issue)
  • QMS Specifications & Standards Register (Customer Issue)
  • Contract Review for Tenders, Quotations & Contracts
  • QMS Forms Register
  • Approved Suppliers - recommendation
  • Approved Suppliers List
  • Test Equipment Register
  • Test Equipment Log
  • Subcontractor QMS Audit Checklist & Observation Report
  • Non-Conformance Corrective Action Report
  • Non-Conformance Corrective Action Register
  • Monthly QA Report
  • Customer Complaint Form
  • Customer Complaint Register
  • Document Change Request
  • Internal Audit Schedule
  • Internal Audit Checklist
  • Internal Audit Report
  • Design & Development Checklist