NSW Work Health & Safety Management Systems and Auditing Guidelines 5th Edition

A comprehensive Work Health & Safety Management System that meets the requirements of the New South Wales Corporate Work Health & Safety Management Systems and Auditing Guidelines 5th Edition. Suitable for Certification to the Guidelines by a JAS-ANZ accredited Authority. Meets WHSMS requirements of the NSW Government, where mandated in design &/or construct, Pre-qualification &/or Tender documentation.

  • Work Health & Safety Management System Policy & procedures.
  • Site /Project Specific Work Health & Safety Management Plan template.
  • Comprehensive Document templates including WHS Design, Safe Work Method Statements
    and WHS Inspection & Test Plans.
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System Description

A Work Health & Safety Management System, to provide an organisation with policies & procedures taking into account legislative requirements of New South Wales where the works are conducted, as well as information about hazards or risks. This applies to those hazards or risks over which the Company may exert control and over which it can be expected to have an influence. Such a WHSMS, i.e. Guidelines 5th edition, is required by the NSW State & Local Government Authorities at Pre-qualification, Tender or Contract Award stage of a project, where the contract sum is over $1m &/or perceived high risk of the works.

Note 1: National Organisations e.g. Telecommunications, Airlines, Privately run education organisations, etc. may require certification to the Australian Government Building and Construction OHS Accreditation Scheme and other State Governments require WHSMS to AS4801:2001.
Note 2: In NSW works under $1m require a WHS Management Plan.

A Head or Principal Contractor based in New South Wales who is responsible for engaging design consultants (e.g. architects & consulting engineers) &/or conducting design work in-house &/or wishing to conduct construction works in NSW will require a Work Health & Safety Management System to NSW Guidelines 5th Edition that complies with the NSW Work Health & Safety Act 2011, NSW Work Health & Safety Regulation 2011, NSW Workers Compensation Act 1957 and the NSW Workers Compensation Regulation 2003.

This Work Health & Safety Management System is also designed to meet the requirements of Sub-contractors and trades/service companies conducting construction or allied works where a Certified WHSMS is required to meet Government requirements &/or to enhance the Companies qualifications and competitive advantage.

Certification of this WHMMS can be arranged by a certification body accredited to the Joint Accreditation Scheme of Australia and New Zealand (JAS-ANZ).

Table of Contents


  • Company
  • Rehabilitation
  • Drugs & Alcohol


  • Senior Management Commitment
  • WHS Communication & Consultation
  • Managing Subcontractors and Consultants
  • Design
  • Risk Management
  • Training
  • Inspection, Testing & Servicing
  • Incident Management & Corrective Action
  • Purchasing, Handling, Storage, Packaging & Delivery
  • Client Reporting and Project Performance Measurement
  • Internal Reviews
  • Documentation & Records


  • Managing Director (CEO)
  • WHS Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Site Supervisor


  • Risk Management
  • People with Health & Safety Responsibilities
  • Communication & Consultation
  • Managing Incidents
  • Site Safety Rules
    • Induction & Safety Training
    • Personal Protective Equipment
    • Site Access and Security
    • Illness/Injury and emergency procedures
    • Protection of workers and the public
    • Elevated work
    • Electrical work, overhead wiring, installations and equipment
    • Demolition, excavation, formwork and other structural frames
    • Hazardous chemicals and dangerous goods
    • Safe working
  • WHS Training
  • Safe Work Method Statements
  • Subcontractor Safe Work Method Statements
  • Inspection & Test Plans
  • Internal Site Audits – Management Review


  • WorkCover - Incident Notification
  • WorkCover - What to do if there is ana injury
  • Toolbox Talk Record
  • PPE Issue
  • Accident & Incident Report
  • Skills & Competencies Record
  • Hazardous Chemical Register
  • Training Attendance Sheet
  • Hazard Report
  • Permit to Work
  • Application for Employment
  • Induction Checklist
  • Injury Register
  • Lifting Safely
  • WorkCover - Workers Compensation and Rehabilitation Poster
  • Electrical Register Form
  • Site Supervisor Daily Checklist
  • Site Inspection Checklist
  • Project Co-ordination Meeting
  • Subcontractor WHS&R Pre-selection Checklist
  • Sub-contractor Equipment Checklist
  • Plant Certification Report
  • Plant ID Register
  • Hired in Plant Inspection Report
  • Project Manager OHS&R Checklist
  • Site Supervisor WHS&R Checklist
  • Management review Checklist & Observations
  • Site Visitor Pass
  • Non-conformance Corrective Action Report
  • Non-conformance Corrective Action Register
  • Design Construction Hazard Review
  • Design Maintenance & Repair Review
  • Incident Investigation Worksheet
  • WHS Performance Review Report